About Us

ILUS International is a public M&A Investment company operating out of New York, London, and Dubai focused on adding shareholder value through innovation and growth.

ILUS International’s vision has evolved in line with the needs of the technology and manufacturing sectors it has been involved in.  We focus primarily on innovative emergency services, life safety and related technologies such as emergency response vehicles, electric utility vehicles, specialist vehicle conversions, disruptive firefighting equipment, wearable technology and related software solutions.

With a proven record of acquiring carefully selected businesses that are appropriate to our vision, ILUS aims to complete further acquisitions of companies which possess innovative and disruptive technology and already achieve annual revenue of $1-10 million.

ILUS International has already completed multiple acquisitions and is completing new acquisitions each quarter. Each acquisition rapidly increases the global expansion and growth of the company. Our primary focus is to add shareholder value as we continue to acquire, develop and grow companies which transform their respective industries and the world we live in.

The world’s first and only Electric 6-wheel Utility Vehicle (UTV) for use in multiple commercial applications.

A global company focused on developing and manufacturing specialist technology and equipment primarily for the emergency services sector.

FireBug manufactures firefighting equipment centred around its disruptive and patented water mist technology. FireBug’s technology delivers increased firefighter safety combined with reduced water consumption.

The Vehicle Company (TVC) designs and converts vehicles for specialist applications such as mobile clinics, ambulances, military transportation, oil and gas, camping vehicles and mobile food trucks.

A leading systems integrator and installer of fire safety, access control and security systems across the Middle East.